Life Group Notes

We provide Life Group notes every week (except the last week of the month) for leaders/hosts to download and review before leading their groups.

Title: Peace – More Than A Symbol


Icebreaker: Where is a “peaceful” place that you usually go to as a getaway?


Read Judges 7:1-25

  1. Why did God want to reduce the size of Gideon’s army (v.2)?
  2. Why did God ask those with fear to turn back (v.3)?
  3. Why did God ask those lapping water to turn back (vv.5-6)?
  4. As Gideon, how would you feel when God says, “You have too many men. Send them home.” What was God trying to teach Gideon?
  5. When do you think Gideon found peace? How?
  6. In your life, when has God used one of your weaknesses or failures to help someone else?
  7. How does this story relate to your life?
  8. How can we find peace in the midst of our battles? Read Isaiah 26:3
  9. Where are you feeling outnumbered or needing immediate intervention from God?


Pray for friends and family that you can invite to the Christmas Grand Service (Dec 20th & 21st)

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