Life Group Notes

We provide Life Group notes every week (except the last week of the month) for leaders/hosts to download and review before leading their groups. You can either print off this page or download the notes in PDF version.

Download this week’s notes in PDF format.

This Week: The Power of The Cross

Watch “The Cross” video as a group and discuss the questions below. If most people in the group have already seen the video on Sunday, choose one of the alternate videos on the same webpage followed by the same questions below.

Read Psalm 27

Icebreaker: Do you think the cross makes a good fashion statement? Do you have any jewellery or wearable item with a cross design on them?


Read Acts 4:1-31

1. What stood out to you from the video that you just watched?

2. Can you relate to any of the issues that the individuals in the video battled with?

3. When did you first understand the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross? Were you in a place of frustration?

4. Why do you think so many people reject the power of the cross? 1 Cor. 1:18

5. What made you choose to accept Jesus as Lord of your life?

6. How has the power of the cross been made evident in your actions, thoughts, or lifestyle?

7. Who can you think of that needs to hear about the gift of salvation through the cross?

Pray for friends and family who may be open to receive an invitation to Easter service or Alpha.

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