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Title: The Story Session 2 – God Builds A Nation

WATCH VIDEO – Session 2: God Builds A Nation (12 min)

  • God has a plan to get his people back
  • God picks an unlikely pair…Abraham and Sarah give birth to a son, Isaac
  • Abraham is tested…will he give God his best?
  • The significance of Mount Moriah in the Old and New Testaments


Icebreaker: Have you ever had to move away from a place you loved? Tell when, where and why.

1. Ask the group what they know about the Old Testament character Abraham,

The Move – Read Genesis 12: 1-8

2. What specifically did God tell Abraham to leave? What else would he be leaving behind? If you were Abraham, what else would you want God to tell you?

3. When God called Abraham to follow him, there was a clear sense of partnership. God promised to do specific things and also called Abraham to do his part (Genesis 12:1-5; The Story, p.13). What was God’s part and what was Abraham’s part in this great adventure?

4. Tell about an older person in your life who has been a model of faith and love for God. How have you seen their life impact the lives of others and yours?

The Wait – Read Genesis 15:1-21

5. How did Abraham verbalize his struggle with God? How did God respond?

6. Tell about a time that God said, “Wait,” but you wanted to rush ahead. Why is it so hard to be patient and wait on God’s will for our lives?

The Test – Read Genesis 22:1-19

7. God amazes Abraham and Sarah by giving them a son, Isaac. As Isaac grows up, Abraham must be thinking, “he’s the future; all of God’s promises will be fulfilled through this child!” But God tests Abraham’s faith. Why did God ask Abraham to go through this exercise? What was God looking for?

8. Losing Isaac would be devastating to Abraham’s perspective of God and His promise. God may ask you to do some things that threaten your perspective of the future. What are some things that you are holding too tightly that God may ask you to give up?

Closing Prayer

Pray for strength to make the next step of faith that God is calling you to take.

Ask God to grow your patience so you can wait on his will in each area of your life.

Thank God for the older people he has placed in your life who have been a model of faith for you.

Personal Reflection (during the week)

God calls each of his children, at various times, to follow him in ways that are risky and demand faith.  Look at your life and reflect honestly on these scenarios.

-  When was a time God called me to step out in faith, but I missed the opportunity?

(Confess this to God and receive his grace to let it go)

-  When was a time God invited me to take a bold step of faith and I followed with confidence?

(Thank God for carrying you through that time)

-   Ask God to give you a sense of where he might be leading you in the future. Commit to follow him, no matter what anyone else might say or think.

Personal Action (during the week)

Abraham took what was the most precious to him and surrendered it to God. He would not hold back even his own son.  Make a list of five to ten things that mean a great deal to you. One by one, offer them to God. If it is a person, surrender that loved one to the Lord.  If it is a material thing, let God know that he has full access to it.  If it is a talent or ability, tell God you will use it for him.  Take everything and freely offer it back to the One who gave you all you have.

Read for Next Session

Take time before your next small group to read chapter 3 of The Story.

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