Life Group Notes

We provide Life Group notes every week (except the last week of the month) for leaders/hosts to download and review before leading their groups.

Title: Liberated From The Grip of Fear


Icebreaker: On a scale of 1(play it safe) to 10 (daredevil), how would you rate yourself as a risk taker?


Read Matthew 14:22-33

  • When the disciples saw someone walking on the water, what was their reaction? How would you have reacted?
  • How did Jesus try to calm the disciples’ fear?
  • Why did Peter get out of the boat? What can we learn from Peter’s response to Jesus?
  • Why did Peter sink? How was he saved?
  • Read James 1:2-4. What relationship is there between risk-taking and faith?
  • How are you at “stepping out of the boat” and taking risks?
  • What is the biggest risk that you have ever taken for Jesus?
  • Where do you feel God is leading you to get out of the boat now?
  • What might keep you in the boat or cause you to sink?


Pray for the upcoming Christmas events (Dec 7th Gala) and Christmas Grand Service (Dec 20th & 21st).

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